about PeaceWiseKids

our vision

To see children all over the world become peacemakers for life.

the need

Everyone faces conflict and challenging relationships. The effects can be devastating. Our world desperately needs people who can bring strong peacemaking and relationship skills – instead of our typical fight or flight responses. But we need to learn how to do this – it’s not something we are born with!

our solution

PeaceWiseKids teaches young people comprehensive peacemaking and relationship building skills using a Christian framework. Learning these life skills is an invaluable investment into the future of each young person who follows the program.

the program

PeaceWiseKids offers online and offline learning activities for all school ages. Each course is age-appropriate, and can be taught in classrooms, homes, church groups, outreach and camp programs.

Kids learn comprehensive peacemaking and relationship skills through flexible modules that can be taught at any pace selected by the teacher or parent. The program emphasises principles of confession, forgiveness, communication and character development, using a myriad of activities and learning stimuli including videos, animations, online quizzes, role plays and more. The first course available is for school years 7 & 8.

the outcome

Our conviction is that by teaching children the life skills to be able to strengthen their friendships and make wise and strong choices about relationships and conflicts that they face, they will grow to be stronger, happier, more resilient children able to contribute positively and confidently to the world in which they live. In learning these relational skills, along the way, children will also grow in their knowledge of God and his son, Jesus Christ.​


PeaceWiseKids is a ministry of PeaceWise (you can scroll down for more information about PeaceWise itself).

the story so far

​PeaceWiseKids arose out of a long term conviction within PeaceWise that as a ministry we are called not only to help adults, but also very much to help children learn a Christian framework for responding positively to relationship challenges and conflict, and to learn the skills of bringing peace to hard situations.​

In early 2016, the long term vision for PeaceWiseKids became a reality as money was donated to fund a Project Manager and commence work on the project. Viv Batt started as Project Manager in February 2016 and began to research, scope and find supporters and workers to help with this ground-breaking, ambitious project. Since then, the project has generated significant support across a broad base of school, church and other stakeholders, and new content is being developed on an ongoing basis.

meet the team

Bruce Burgess

Bruce is the PeaceWise National Director and overall Project Head. He is a leading peacemaking trainer and practitioner with extensive legal, governance and course development experience.

He’s also a total football tragic (Wanderers, Socceroos & Arsenal)

Viv Batt

Viv is our PeaceWiseKids Content and Curriculum Manager. Her experience spans being a Primary and Secondary School Teacher, Counsellor, Course Creator and Family Pastor.

She enjoys a good walk and coffee with friends and family.


Peter Kent

Peter is our ICT advisor. He has extensive experience in IT systems design, scoping and support, runs his own IT consultancy firm and is an NT Christian Schools advisor.

Peter swaps from computer keyboard to piano keys on the weekends to relax.

Allie Oweis

Allie is our Content and Curriculum Advisor. She is an experienced Teacher as well as educator of teachers and has her own consultancy firm in this area.

She loves her backyard chickens & growing organic produce to share.

Recalling the wisdom of Proverbs 22:6,
“Start children off in the way they should go and even when they are old they will not turn from it”, we believe that by sharing biblical peacemaking principles with children, God impacts the future of families, communities and nations.


a bit about PeaceWise

Formed in 2007, PeaceWise exists to provide practical help and real hope to a conflict-weary world. We help individuals, organisations and communities to learn life-changing biblical peacemaking principles and to build cultures of peace.

We teach personal peacemaking and Christian conflict resolution skills, provide Christian mediation and other help for conflict situations and share the reconciling power of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

We have taught these principles to thousands of people since our foundation, and have worked with a wide array of different Christian schools, ministries, denominations and organisations.

Now we are taking these skills to school-aged children and their leaders and teaching them! PeaceWiseKids has a clear Christian framework, which flows from the character of PeaceWise itself as a cross-denominational, not-for-profit charitable organisation founded on Christian principles and a strong biblical framework.


PeaceWise gratefully acknowledges the wonderful support of Corlette Sande, author of The Young Peacemaker for permission to use and adapt various concepts from this superb work as part of PeaceWiseKids.

The Young Peacemaker is a powerful system that parents and teachers can use to teach children how to prevent and resolve conflict in a constructive and biblically faithful manner. The system emphasises principles of confession, forgiveness, communication, and character development, and uses realistic stories, practical applications, role plays, and stimulating activities.

Corlette was a true groundbreaker in the 1990’s in producing this comprehensive curriculum for teaching biblical peacemaking to children in Years 4 to 7 and we are deeply grateful for her incredible generosity and support.

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