Your students will learn:

what conflict is

where it comes from

how to deal with it

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fun and varied interactive online course content

Our courses are all web-based and include interactive activities accessible on any device or browser. Courses include age-appropriate videos, animations, quizzes and more!

personalised group forums

Teachers and students can interact directly in a private online forum designed to spark discussion and encourage each other in what you're all learning.

download lesson plans and activity worksheets

When you purchase any PeaceWiseKids or PeaceWiseYouth Course, you also gain access to offline activities and downloadable material to bring the discussion to life in group context away from the screens.

collaborate with other group leaders

As a group leader, you also gain access to the exclusive Group Leaders' forum so you can discuss and share ideas and learn from other teachers, parents and leaders and benefit from their experience!

content is broken into three modules to allow flexible teaching options

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as a premium feature of the online courses, every topic is linked to Australian curriculum outcomes

those with the Premium Online version will be able to download the comprehensive curriculum outcomes document

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