Let’s introduce you to the elements of
the group presentation version of the course.

This course is taught by a teacher/group leader from the front, and is best suited to
SRE and YOUTH GROUPS, but may also be used in SCHOOLS
where not every child has access to a device

view the two page SRE/youth groups summary

Your students will learn:

what conflict is

where it comes from

how to deal with it

short, engaging stimulus videos

Each Course is supplied with 15 different age-appropriate videos to target the key learning for each topic. These are supplied as Vimeo links, which are accessed online.

easy to follow lesson plans

These are only a few pages in length so teachers can prepare their lessons quickly. Videos are linked to the lesson plans. The Bible is referred to in each Topic. Numerous and varied in-class activities are provided.

student worksheets

Courses for Years 7/8 and below provide downloadable worksheets for use in class

support materials for teachers/group leaders

Teachers and group leaders will be supplied with a document containing the rationale, overall framework, sensitive issues and more.

SRE approved course content + scope and sequence

The Courses are SRE authorised by the Baptist Union of NSW and approved for use in State high schools in NSW by Generate.

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