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Course 3 Group Presentation Program for Scripture, Church and Families


Target Age: Years 3 and 4  (but can be used with other ages if Group Leader believes appropriate). PeaceWiseKids material for presentation without devices. Pricing is based on group size and doesn’t include GST (added at checkout).

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This comprehensive package of materials for use in SRE classes and Youth Groups includes:

  • link to 15 animated teaching videos (requires internet connection)
  • downloadable resources for 15 topics with:
    • lesson plan for each lesson
    • worksheet for each lesson
    • activities to run in the group
    • Scope and Sequence document with comprehensive framework

This pricing is for use of PeaceWiseKids in SRE classes and youth groups . We depend on your honesty to select the right pricing level for your group. For use in Schools other than for SRE, go here Group Presentation Program – Schools

*You can also purchase a hardcopy Course 3 workbook for each child.